Product Description

Our range of products include Heavy Duty Platform Scales such as Heavy Duty Platform Weighing Scales and Platform Weighing Scales.


Standard Capacities:- 2000kg

Platter Size:- 1200x1200mm

Power Supply:- Main / Battery

Display Digit:- 7 Digit

Number of Keys:- 4 keys

Battery Charger:- Yes

Battery:- yes

Remote Control:- No

Number of characters on Display:- 7 Digit

Load Cell Material:- Single Load Cell

Color:- Red

Storage Capacity:- Yes

Outer Body:- Plastic

Message Languages:- Numric

Display:- 7 Digit (pole)

Function:- Power On, Power Off, Tare, Func

Power:- Mains/Battery (6V/4Ah)

Printer:- Yes (optional)

Technical Specifications:

500Kg x 50g x 800x600mm

500Kg x 50g x 800x800mm

500Kg x 50g x 550x600mm

1Ton x 100g x 1000x1000mm

1Ton x 100g x 1200x1200mm

2Ton x 200g x 1000x1000mm

2Ton x 200g x 1200x1200mm